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5 Awesome Spring Break Vacations in Washington


5 Awesome Spring Break Vacations in Washington

Our great state has plenty of places to visit for a vacation, and they’re all within driving distance!

Anyone else ready for Spring Break? We definitely are.

Spring Break is always an exciting time of year. The kids get a week off from school, you may get some time off from work, and, depending on your custody agreement, you may get a chance to spend some quality time with your kids.

Some of you may have a big spring break vacation planned already. You may be headed off to Hawai’i, Florida or other exotic locales. But sometimes, lack of money and time can make it difficult to travel far for a vacation. But, you probably still want to take some time away to relax and have a good time, right?
Luckily, Washington has tons of places to visit for a long weekend getaway. And, there are activities to suit you, whether you’re more inclined to stay inside or venture outdoors. For those of you planning to stay in Washington for Spring Break, here are 5 awesome nearby vacations you can take for spring break.


Follow these 10 Tips if you're dating post-divorce

10 Tips You Should Know if you're Dating Post-Divorce

Dating after Divorce is a challenge, to say the least. There are many aspects of dating that have changed since you were dating your ex, whether that was five, fifteen, or thirty years ago. You’re older now, and unfortunately, there’s a smaller pool of eligible people to choose from. These are just some of a million frustrations that come with post-divorce dating.
If you were married for a long time, you’re probably nervous about going out on a date with someone else. You’re also probably concerned about how you’ll introduce a date to your children. You may not completely understand what your goals for dating are, and you may just want to ‘get back in the saddle’. Luckily, dating after divorce isn’t always difficult. If you follow these tips, you’ll get your dating groove back (And maybe you’ll be an even better date this time around!).

Are Personal Injury Awards Considered Community Property?

If you received a personal injury award during your marriage, you probably think that your ex will get part of it in the divorce. In divorce, most of your property is considered community property, and therefore subject to being divided equitably. But, this isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to personal injury awards. 

Co-Founder of Morris-Sockle, Frank Morris, discusses this in our latest article.

Tax Reform – Alimony Paying Spouses Take Another Hit

Tax Reform Bill 2018– Alimony Paying Spouses Take Another Hit

Q.   Why did Congress revoke the tax deduction for taxpayers who dutifully pay Spousal Support?

 A.  To get more tax dollars.


8 Great Parts of Being Divorced During the Holidays!

It seems like a strange concept, thinking of the best parts of being Divorced during the Holidays. You’re probably thinking right now, What could be great about being Divorced during the happiest time of the year? Divorce is usually a difficult and frustrating process that appears to have pretty much no benefit. And when you think about the Holidays, you probably think of many memories with your ex, their side of the family, and your kids. Yeah, having more of those memories would be great, but the Holidays can still be a lot of fun without your ex.

If you think outside the box and get rid of society’s idea that nothing beats spending the Holidays with your family, then there’s actually a lot of great things about being Divorced during the Holidays. Divorce in many ways feels like an ending, but it’s actually the start of a new chapter in your life. In this article, we’re going to list some of the best parts of being Divorced during the Holidays.

7 Awesome Thanksgiving Traditions for Blended Families

The Holidays are tough on recently Divorced families, and Thanksgiving is no exception. For years your family probably had the same traditions. Maybe you always went to your in-laws for Thanksgiving, or maybe you and your ex were in charge of hosting guests every year. Maybe you always made plans to go out of town with your ex. But, now that you’re divorced, those traditions are undoubtedly going to change, and you’re probably disappointed. You’re also probably worried about how your Thanksgiving and other Holiday plans will pan out this year.

But, looking on the bright side, we’re going to share 7 Awesome Thanksgiving Traditions for blended families so you can create some great new Thanksgiving memories. Your family can shake things up this year and incorporate one of these traditions into your new Thanksgiving agenda. Starting a new tradition is the best way to put your past behind you and move into your future.