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Documents to Provide to your Attorney

Documents You'll Need To Give Your Attorney

Documents You'll Need To Give Your Attorney

Be sure to compile this list of documents if you retain the services of an Attorney.

During Divorce, you will have to disclose information related to your finances, property, and debts to the court. Compiling these documents before meeting with your Attorney will substantially help your case. Attorneys bill by the minute, so the more prepared you are before each meeting with your attorney, the more money and time you’ll save.

It takes a while to compile these types of documents, so if you are planning on filing for Divorce, or have already been served with Divorce papers, you should start compiling these documents as soon as possible.
Here are some documents you’ll need to give your Attorney:
  • Titles for all homes, rental properties, automobiles, boats, etc.
  • Pay stubs for the last 3 months
  • Businesses assets and liabilities
  • Any employment contracts, partnership agreement and lease agreement of above business
  • Tax returns filed during the marriage
  • Financial statements (mutual funds, annuities, pension/retirement account statements, etc.)
  • Bank Statements
  • Insurance policies (life, auto, health, disability, etc.)
  • Inheritances, guarantees, gifts or bequests, personal injury awards
  • Wills, trust, pre-nuptial agreements, etc.
  • Inventory of personal assets (musical instruments, jewelry, safe deposit box contents, etc.)
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