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Divorce Is Not a Time to Go It Alone

Divorce Is Not a Time to Go It Alone

We'll work with you to achieve the results you want and need.

If you are reading this page right now, you likely need help. First we want to say that we are sorry. Divorce is never easy and we are truly sorry you are now faced with going through this process. We are here to help. 

Thinking back to your wedding day, you probably never imagined you would be here, reading a divorce lawyer’s website. Divorce is difficult to think about and painful to experience. It is important not to just let divorce happen to you, and live with whatever are the consequences. 

The choices you make right now are the building blocks of your life after divorce.

Divorce is not a time to go it alone.  It is not the time for quick decisions and short cuts. Many spouses take a passive role in their divorce and let their soon to be ex-spouse make all the decisions. While giving-in today may end the divorce quicker, you will be living with the choices your ex-spouse made for a long time to come. You have the right to make decisions about your divorce and your future. The choices you make right now are the building blocks of your life after divorce.  

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Other spouses become angry, hot-headed and flat out greedy.  Divorce is not about getting even, inflicting harm, or grabbing every asset. Divorce is a time for well-reasoned business sense.  Our attorneys cannot take the emotional pain out of divorce, but we can help get you through it in as good of shape as possible.

The attorneys at Morris - Sockle, PLLC represent clients in family law cases to make certain every spouse has quality legal representation and a well-thought voice in their divorce.  You can trust our attorneys to give you well-reasoned advise, and work with you to achieve the results you want and need.  Our attorneys are experienced litigators that win settlements and trials.  

Our attorneys know the rules, the judges, and the procedure to get you through divorce.  We can assemble the professional team you will need to protect your assets, and your rights.

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